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A guide to equipment available to be checked out from the Oregon Institute of Technology, Klamath Falls Library

Portland Metro Equipment

This section lists equipment available at the Oregon Tech Library at Portland Metro. If you have any questions, get in touch with us. 

We ask that you please have your student ID card to check out the equipment, or have with you a form of ID (drivers license etc.) if you don't have your ID card and wish to provide your 918# instead.

Portland Metro Library

   Portland Metro Campus, 4th Floor





Data Acquisition Devices


Livescribe Smart Pen 3

Mac Mini Computer

Pico Projector P6 1280x800 HD Native Resolution

Canon Camera EOS Rebel T7

Tripod                                      HDMI Cable

Camera Tripod                                          HDMI Cable

Function Generators



There is also an analog discovery accessories kit available, which has the following:

  • Oscilloscope Probes
  • BNC Adaptor Board
  • 6 Mini Grabber Test Clips
  • USB Cord
  • Logic Cable Attachment
  • Replacement header pins
  • Noise filter/ferrite choke

De10-Lite for Intel FPGA University Program

Arduino UNO R3 Board

Note: We do not have accessory kits for Arduino boards, just the boards themselves and the cables used to connect the boards to a computer.

Laptop + Accessories

Both short and long term laptop loans are available. Important: You must first log onto the laptop from somewhere on the Portland Metro campus before you take the laptop home, or it will not be able to recognize your home network.

Laptops are available as short term loans for 7 days, or long-term loans for up to 1 year. Long-term laptops must be returned to the library at the end of each academic year, on June 15th. They can be re-checked out after they are returned. 

Contact to request a long term loan.

Dell Laptop charger USB C type 65W                Dell Laptop charger USB C type 65W

Laptop Bag

Active mini display port to 4k-HDMI adapter                                                                          USB Audio Adapter

Active mini display port to 4k-HDMI adapter                    USB Audio Adapter




Software Defined Radio

Universal Accessory Kit Components