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MFT 510: Introduction to Marriage and Family Therapy (Garrett)

Course Description

Catalog Course Description:  
Introduction to the history and philosophy of family therapy, including foundational theories, professional roles and functions, and integrated behavioral health care systems, including interagency and inter-organizational collaboration and professional consultation. 

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:  

  • Describe the history and philosophy of the marriage and family counseling and therapy profession and its specialty areas         
  • Describe the historical development of the relational/systemic perspective and contemporary foundations of MFTs 
  • Describe the multiple professional roles and functions of counselors across specialty areas, and their relationships with human service and integrated behavioral health care systems, including interagency and inter-organizational collaboration and consultation
  • Describe the roles and functions unique to Rural Mental Health care 
  • Describe the roles and functions unique to Medical Family Therapy 
  • Describe current labor market information relevant to opportunities for practice within the profession 
  • Describe the “Self of the Therapist” training philosophy 
  • Begin to apply “Self of the Therapist” philosophy to their own professional   development
  • Describe bio-psycho-social approaches to healthcare
  • Describe how to work collaboratively as members of holistic medical teams
  • Describe how students’ own experiences with health and illness may affect their clinical work