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How to locate grants

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Finding Government Funding


GRANT: You come up with the idea, they decide if it’s worth funding

CONTRACT: They come up with the idea, you tell them how you will provide specific services or goods to accomplish it, and they pay you to do it.

RFA (Request for Application): A grant announcement. The government agency gives you an area of interest and a general idea of what to do, you suggest a program that matches. Typically one-time solicitations. Each RFA specifies the scope and objectives of the program, application requirements and procedures, and review criteria.

RFP (Request for Proposal): A contract announcement. The government agency tells you what it wants to buy. You come up with a way to provide it. Each RFP gives a description of what is needed, various representations and certifications required, proposed terms and conditions of the contract, and information on how the agency will evaluate the proposals.