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WRI 227: Technical Report Writing

Tips for Picking a Topic

A good paper or project often comes from a topic that interests you. Try these suggestions:  

  • Think about topics that are discussed in your major. 
  • Look through the readings for this class or another one. Which do you find interesting?
  • Think about things you've seen on social media, the news or elsewhere. Can you turn that into a report topic?
  • Scan news sources for ideas (Google News or your favorite news sites)   
  • Talk to your professor, classmates, or a librarian  
  • Do some quick searches in Google to test out and refine any ideas you have.  

Optional: Expand or Narrow Your Topic with Mind Mapping

Mind mapping is a technique to explore different angles on your topic. You can make your own mind map on paper or use a tool to create one. 

Credo Reference has a mind mapping tool. Watch What is the Mind Map? (2 min) to learn how to use it. Example of a Credo mind map on electric cars:

Mind map with the word Electric Car in the center and the following words around it: Tesla Motors, Tesla Roadster, Plug-in hybrid, electric vehicle battery, battery electric vehicle, zero-emissions vehicle, lithium-ion battery, General Motors EVI