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Open Education and Textbook Affordability at Oregon Tech

Initiatives and actions at Oregon Tech in regards to open education, OER, and textbook affordability

Faculty Participants

The following faculty have participated in the Oregon Tech Library OER Grant Program since this initiative began: 

Adelaide Clark
Alishia Huntoon
Amber Lancaster
Andria Fultz
Chelsea Gustafson
Christy VanRooyen
David DeRoche
David Johnston
Dawn Bailey
Derrick Speaks
Eklas Hossain
Franny Howes
James Leland Hulse
Jared Emard
Jesse Kinder
Kamal Gandhi
Kathleen Adams
Kyle Chapman
Laurie Yates
Maria Lynn Kessler
Matt Frye
Philip Howard
Rachel Edwards
Randall Paul
Riley Richards
Rosanna Overholser
Seth Anthony
Sharon Beaudry
Susan Rauch
Terri Torres
Travis Lund
Yuehai Yang

Oregon Tech Library OER Grant

2023 Library OER Grants

The aim of the Library OER Grant program is to increase equity for our students by reducing the cost and increasing the accessibility of course materials. Recent research shows that using free or low-cost course materials can decrease drop/fail/withdrawal rates, especially among financially vulnerable student groups

2023 grant amounts vary based on the complexity of each project: 

  • $1,000 for adopting affordable (under $40) or open course materials. 

  • $1,500 for adapting existing open course material to fit the needs of your course. 

  • $2,000 for the creation of new free or open course materials. 

Application links:

Applications have closed for the Summer 2023 grants. Our next call for applications will occur in Spring 2024. Contact with questions or to inquire about other opportunities.

If you’re unfamiliar with open educational resources, introductory material will be provided as part of this program, and the library can connect you to whatever resources you need, including publishing platforms such as Pressbooks for free and open materials. 

Questions? Please contact Kristin.Whitman@oit.eduFor state grant opportunities, also check Open Oregon

Textbook Heroes

Thank you to our Textbook Heroes! The following faculty participated in the OER Program at Oregon Tech during the 2022-2023 academic year:

  • Dawn Bailey, Psychology
  • Sharon Beaudry, Management
  • Rachel Edwards, Chemistry
  • Amber Lancaster, Writing
  • Travis Lund, Chemistry
  • Susan Rausch, Writing
  • Riley Richards, Communications
  • Derrick Speaks, Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering

Thank you to our Textbook Heroes! The following faculty participated in the OER Program at Oregon Tech during the 2021-2022 academic year:

  • Addie Clark, Chemistry
  • David DeRoche, Art
  • Andria Fultz, Public Speaking
  • David Johnston, Physics
  • Jesse Kinder, Physics
  • Amber Lancaster, Professional Writing