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ENV 111: Introduction to Environmental Sciences

Research Process

First you need to formulate a research topic or a question. If you are not sure yet, start with a broad topic (e.g., climate change), and then look through your first results and narrow your broad topic down (e.g., sea level rise). Database Thesaurus is also helpful: its suggested narrow and related terms can give you an idea for a more focused topic to explore.    

Subject Search: Use Thesaurus  

Thesaurus is also helpful for returning more precise results. It will search for only those terms that are already in the Database. And it will look only in one field of each article record: “Subjects”.   

Keyword Search: Use Advanced Search  

You can also use a keyword search to narrow your broad topic down. Use Advanced Search mode. You will see more options to add keywords. Or have your keywords appear just in one field, e.g., Title. 


Limit your search to publication type, such as peer-reviewed articles, or specify a date range, e.g., the last 5 years. 

Add a specific country: sea levels” and “rise” and “united states” 


Tip: check the scholarly status of the journal by clicking on the journal title.