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Public Access Services Guide: Summit Lending & Borrowing

Everything you need to know about Public Services at the Oregon Tech Library

What is Summit Lending & Borrowing?

The Oregon Tech Library is a part of the Orbis-Cascade Alliance. Over 35 other colleges in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho form this consortium. You may request items through Summit as an Oregon Tech student and they will be delivered to the Oregon Tech Klamath Falls Campus or Wilsonville Campus libraries in 5-7 business days. Or, if you are near a college in The Alliance you may go to that college and check out the book as a "Visiting Summit Borrower."

The Oregon Tech Library is also lends materials to these 35 member libraries of the Alliance, meaning if you are traveling, taking classes online through Oregon Tech, you may as a "visiting Summit Borrower," have materials sent to these institutions for your research needs.

Students and Faculty can request materials through our Summit Courier services by either inquiring at the Library's Help Desk, contacting a librarian or staff member. The staff member assisting you can submit the request for you via Primo or the Library's Circulation system.

As a patron you can easily submit your Summit requests through the Library's Catalog on the main library website. By using the "Find Books, Articles, and More," search bar you can type in the title of the book you are seeking like the example shown here:

Clicking on the sign-in and logging in with your university username (first name.last name and password) will give you access to requesting services including interlibrary loan and, in this instance, Summit like shown below:

This book which in the search results said "Check Holdings," is a book the Oregon Tech Library does not have, but can be requested via Summit. You can make the request, by clicking on the "Place Summit Request," link which will open the short request form shown here:

If you are a Portland Metro student switch the "pick up library," to that campus, or if on the Klamath Falls Campus leave the "pick up location," as is and click "Request."

Your request will be sent to the Summit partners who have the book, if they "fill," the request it will arrive at the Oregon Tech Library between 2-5 days. You will receive an e-mail from our system confirming it's arrival, and you may come by the library to pick it up at the Help Desk for check out.

If you have any questions please contact Robert Deane, Library Technician 2, Oregon Tech Library at (541) 885-1776, or



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