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WRI 420: Document Design

Publisher Websites

Sometimes when you start your search for articles on a publisher's website, you run into what's called a pay wall -- the publisher asks you to pay for a copy of the article. NEVER PAY FOR ARTICLES! The Oregon Tech Library can get articles for you for free. So, if you have a specific article you want, follow the steps below to track it down for free. 

Tracking Down Articles from a Publisher's Page

Once Google Scholar knows you are affiliated with Oregon Tech, you can use it to track down articles you found on other websites, and then get those articles for free from the Oregon Tech Library. 

STEP 1: Set up your library affiliation in Google Scholar. The video in the Google Scholar section of this research guide shows you how.

STEP 2: Go to Google Scholar, and put the article title in the search box. For best results, put quotes around the title to search for an exact match.

If you find an article in Google Scholar and it doesn't link you back to the OT Library, you have two options:

1. Search for the article in Primo
2. Manually submit a request to get the article from another library for free through the OT Library.  

Remember, you can always contact your librarian, Tracy Scharn, if you need help tracking down a specific article or have general questions about finding an article.