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WR 121: English Composition

Library Instruction Session

During our session today you'll participate in a series of polls. 

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  • You DO need to provide your name.

Access the polls here.


In-class Activity - Spring 2024

Stop, Investigate the source, find better coverage, trace claims, quotes and media to the original context

Practice evaluating the websites below.
  • Try the Wikipedia trick or do Google searches (Stop, Investigate)
  • Look at the sources the website is linking to (Trace)

I'm considering using the website below. Use the SIFT method to help me decide whether to keep it or sift it out!

How to Plan for Your Future Self

After you've done your evaluation, weigh in on whether I should use this source here:

Poll: Keep this source or not? 

Wait until we've reviewed everyone's responses before moving on to the next section.


Here's a second source I'm considering. Use the SIFT method to evaluate it:

How to Make a Life Plan 

What do you think? Answer this poll:

Poll: Keep this source or not?

Find Websites

Your turn!

1. Find one reputable website related to Shankar Vedantam's TED Talk

2. Post it to the board below 

               Need some search ideas? Try some of these words:
                 future self and psychology
                 future self and psychology research
                 future self and planning
                 future self and present self

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