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Modoc War, 1872-1873

Articles from the Journal of the Shaw Historical Library

Volume 1 Number 2  

  •          Incident of the Modoc War  

Volume 3 Number 1  

  •          Modoc War Symposium: A Native View  
  •          The Modoc War – A Mirror to the Future 
  •          The Fields of Battle  
  •          Past to Future, a Critical View 
  •          Panel Discussions of the Modoc War by Military Historians  
  •          Conflict without Counterpart, the “Inevitable” Modoc War 

Volume 4 Number 2  

  •          The Modoc War  

Volume 5 Numbers 1 & 2  

  •          Two Jesses and the Modoc War 

Volume 6  

  •           Oliver Cromwell Applegate – Paternalistic Friend of the Indians  

Volume 7  

  •            Anatomy of a Massacre: Bloody Point, 1852 
  •            Bloody Point Archaeological Investigation  

Volume 8  

  •            Imagemakers of the Modoc War: Louis Heller and Eadweard Muybridge  
  •            A Soldier’s Reminiscences: The Journal of Greenleaf A. Goodale  

Volume 9 - From the Sketchbook of First Sergeant Michael McCarthy, Troop H, 1st U.S. Cavalry, Excerpts, 1873  

Volume 14 - The Devil’s Homestead: Celebrating 75 Years of the Lava Beds National Monument  

  •            A Modoc Letter 
  •            Modoc Memories 
  •            Meeting the Sun: Chapter XXVI – The Modoc War  
  •            Charles Jarvis Caldwell  

Volume 18 - Sheep Trails: Sheep Ranching in the Land of the Lakes  

  •            George Fiock, Sheep Rancher in the Modoc War  

Volume 23-24  - Unforgiving Landscape: Lava Beds National Monument and the Modoc War - two volumes in one that reprint articles from older journals out-of-print and new articles about Lava Beds and the Modoc War 

Volume 26 - Discovering Klamath: Tours Through History in the Land of the Lakes

  •             Remembering the Modoc War 

Volume 27 - Why Wilderness ... 50 Years of Wilderness in the Land of the Lakes

  •             Lava Beds

Volume 28 - From Fremont to Kingsley: The Military in the Land of the Lakes

  •             Remembrance and Negotiation: Pensions for Modoc War Veterans