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BUS 215: Principles of Management

A guide for doing business research in your BUS215 class.

APA Style

APA Style Guide from OWL
The OWL at Purdue has an excellent guide to using the APA style, including creating citations, formatting your paper/project, and more. 

How to Cite Mergent & First Research Reports in APA

The APA does not have specific guidance on citing sources like Mergent and First Research. Below is the best match for citing these.

Format for Citing Reports & Gray Literature

Author Date Title Publisher DOI or URL

Author, A.A. 

Name of Group


(2023, May 2).

Title of report.

Title of report, (Report No.123).

Title of report [Description].


Publisher Name.


Only include a retrieval date if the report itself has no date.


Mergent Company Profile Example:

Mergent. (n.d.). Turtle Island Foods [Company profile]. Retrieved January 9, 2023, from


First Research Example:

Dun & Bradstreet. (2021, March 15). Sporting Goods Stores [Industry profile]. First Research.